Ballin' On A Budget
Let Awkwafina Show You How To Start A Side Hustle

In Awkwafina's comedy web series Ballin' On A Budget, the actress shows us how to make a side hustle out of almost nothing.

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Ballin’ On A Budget is a New York City guide to living the high life on a dime starring your host Awkwafina. She breaks down ways to enjoy a city lifestyle without breaking the bank.
In this episode of Ballin' On A Budget, host Awkwafina provides you with excellent options for making some extra money in NYC. A city this big is full of opportunities to make a little more cash than what your 9 to 5 provides. Watch this week's episode to get some side hustle inspiration.
Crazy Rich Asians Actress Awkwafina Has A Side HustleReleased on May 30, 2018

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