Wait A Second: Is It Cool To Apply Your Makeup In Transit?

Okay, call us paranoid germophobes, but hear us out. We've all been there — we're in a rush in the morning, so we grab a couple of makeup essentials and apply them in the cab, car, or train on the way to work. We're not proud of it (and we've felt disturbingly self-conscious while curling our eyelashes — almost as if we would if we were flat-out shaving our legs on the L train). But, we knew that it wasn't our normal primping routine, so we chalked it up to a last-ditch effort and called it a day.
Well. Apparently doing your makeup in transit — daily — isn't that weird (or gross) to some people. An editor over at Allure recently admitted that she does her makeup on the train every day. Granted, it appears that she does executes her beautification on a commuter train rather than on the dingy, rat-infested subway, but...still, that takes guts. We'd say those are some risky moves when it comes to avoiding germs, and we have to wonder how she rubs on concealer and smudges her eyeliner while packed into a moving vehicle.
But hey, maybe we just don't have the steady hand to do it. So tell us, dear readers: is on-the-go beautification a part of your daily life? An emergency-only kind of thing? Or do you always, always keep your primpage reserved to the comfort (and sanitation) of your own home? (Allure)

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