Home Hooch Alert: Absolut Releases San Francisco-Inspired Flavor

What does San Francisco taste like? According to Absolut, it’s a blend of dragon fruit, grape, and papaya—or at least that’s what the vodka brand’s newest limited-edition flavor, Absolut SF, is all about. The latest American city-inspired flavor (Los Angeles, Boston, New Orleans, and Brooklyn already have their own versions) will debut tomorrow and will include a graphic bottle designed with a “freedom of expression” theme, along with an advertising campaign using the slogans “Free Love, Expensive Shoes" and "Diversity Now, Cocktails Tonight." The see-through bottle with lime green, red, and black graphics includes an etching of S.F.’s skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as more pride-centric phrases such as “Speak Up!” and “Be Proud" and "Foodies in Hoodies." The combination of flavors in the $20 bottle are inspired by the Bay Area’s wine country, as well as the city's Asian and Latin influences. Okay, so whose ready for some shots?

Photo: Courtesy of Absolut

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