A New Picnic Hotspot Opens In Yountville, Courtesy Of Thomas Keller

Thanks to the actual summertime temps sweeping the Bay, the thought of breezy sundresses and picnics isn't something you have to roll your eyes at (at least for another week). Therefore, the news that Thomas Keller has opened a little shack in the backyard of his famed Ad Hoc restaurant in Yountville serving up picnic grub (and a lawn to eat it in!) has us especially hyped. Opened late last week, the new spot, Addendum, is open Thursday through Saturday and serves two $16.50 dishes that can then be gobbled up on the surrounding grass or at a picnic table on their lawn. Check out the pictures of the pretty little setup (and the bites!) over at The Feast's link below.

Photo: The Feast/Tamara Palmer

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