Pixie Cuts Return! Mia Wasikowska Pulls A Mia Farrow For Teen Vogue

If Alice went to Wonderland today instead of nearly a century and a half ago in Victorian England, we feel like she'd swap her pinafore for Proenza. The new Teen Vogue provides a stunning visual with Mia Wasikowska, (who clearly felt like she didn't need to Hollywoodize her name), Tim Burton's newest muse, channeling the other Mia on the March cover, which has got us thinking--is the pixie cut back? Its overexposure two years ago (Rihanna, Michelle Williams, Agyness Deyn, and Victoria Beckham rocked the look) left gamine girls everywhere lamenting its ubiquity. But now it may be safe to go down that hair trend rabbit hole while the fantasy is still fresh. Here's where you can get the style in NYC to channel your inner Alice:
Crops for Girls,
154 Orchard Street, 212-677-2772
$50, $35 for students!
Bumble & Bumble
415 West 13th Street, 8th Floor, 212-521-6500
$91-$150, Free at Bumble and Bumble University (866-7218-6523), though students cuts can take up to 2 hours.

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