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Skin-Care Fixes That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Learn how to create skin-care treatments using ingredients from your pantry. Fix your worst skin-care disaster using stuff from your kitchen

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When our skin is looking less than lovely, our first thought is usually Yikes, better fix that fast. This is quickly followed by a groaning, "How much is this going to cost me?" query. Facials, spa visits, fancy creams, and healing potions don't usually come cheap — we've had more than our fair share of sticker-shock moments after tracking down the latest buzzed-about miracle skin fix and then checking out the price tag.
Well, what if we told you that averting your skin disasters doesn't have to cost a pretty penny? If you're seeking a way to get your tired, stressed, or generally freaking-out skin to behave, look no farther than your pantry. From honey to aspirin to frozen tea, there are plenty of potent remedies you can DIY at home on the cheap. Watch the video to learn how to MacGyver together your own beauty remedies, no massive bank account or fancy-lady shopping trip required.
DIY Beauty Treatments - Kitchen Skin CareReleased on August 15, 2014

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