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Problem Skin Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against This Trick

Learn how to cover-up a pimple using concealer. The right way to use concealer to make a blemish look less noticeable.

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Trying to cover up a blemish with makeup can lead to what is known as (at least by us) the Vicious Concealer Cycle — it seems the more you apply, the more apparent the blemish becomes. Since the whole point of concealer is to, well, conceal, clearly we were doing something wrong. Turns out, smearing a wad of makeup on top of an already irritated spot might not be the best course of action in this scenario. Shocker, we know.
No, the trick to making a blemish less noticeable comes down to three easy steps: prep, pat, and powder. Want to master this makeup move once and for all? Watch the lovely Rachel as she shows you everything you need to know about making those spots disappear.
How To Hide A Pimple - Concealer TutorialReleased on June 9, 2014

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