I DIY! Tashkent Creates Leather Lace-Up Gladiator Sandals from Scratch!

Gladiator sandals have been on our radar forever, so you can be sure that we own more than a couple pairs of the strappy delights. But when Cheyenne Morris, designer of pretty shoe line Tashkent, offered to show us how to make our own in about an hour, we quickly made room in our closet for one more pair. We wouldn't trust anyone else with this DIY--Cheyenne got her start in footwear creating similar shoes. After the jump, Cheyenne shows us to how to channel our inner Givenchy and craft some beach-ready sandals from scratch!
Inspiration: Back to basics!
Materials Needed:
1) Piece of leather or suede $10
2) 2 leather soles $10
3) Shoo Goo $6
4) Scissors
5) Exacto Knife $6
6) Dr. Scholls Air Pillo $6
7) 5 yards of leather lace $4
8) A pen
Total cost: $42
Time to make: 1 hour
Time to wear: 12-24 hours (drying time)
How to:
1) Trace your foot on the rough side of the leather soles.
2) Leave 3-5cm around the edge of the tracing, and cut out.
3) Measure the Dr. Scholls pads to your leather soles, leaving 3cm at edges.
4) Trace your leather soles onto the leather/suede and cut out.
5) Cut small pinky-sized hole for thong placement of leather lace. Cut leather lace to 2.25 inches for each shoe and thread through hole.
6) Cut 4 2-inch pieces of the leather lace for loops at side.
7) Put Dr. Scholls pad on top of leather sole, and place 2 leather loops at either side. Use the Shoe Goo to adhere. (Do not be shy—use a lot of shoe goo, and be sure to cover the edges!)
8) Lay the leather or suede cut-out on top and press down firmly (it is ok if glue comes out on the sides—use a nail file when dry to remove excess glue).
9) Leave shoe to dry for 12-24 hours (placing some heavy books on top helps!).
10) Decorate as desired.
These sandals can be made in a variety of colors and patterns. You can use anything as an ornament. In this picture, I used a pair vintage earrings that I sewed onto the leather lace.
Leather: For great selection check out www.leathersuedeskins.com (you'll want calf or cowhide, as they are the most durable!). For a more economical option, try your local craft store.
Leather Lace: For a dizzying selection check out M&J Trimming or your local craft store.
Leather Sole and Glue: You can explore Kaufman's on Lafayette Street, or ask your local cobbler.

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