5 Potential Names For The Rancic/Melman Collab Restaurant

Yesterday, the heavens unleashed the news that local restaurant bros RJ and Jerrod Melman would be teaming up with reality royalty Bill and Giuliana Rancic to create a new Italian restaurant, and the blogosphere had to change its underpants. Everything the Melmans touch turns to gold, and everything the Rancics touch might already be made of gold. We, too, are looking forward to sampling this new culinary venture, because the idea of Giuliana's mama teaming up with boys who already know how to make a solid menu is certain to be nothing short of foodgasmic. Rather than profess our love, we'd like to contribute. We're bubbling over with potential new names for this wonder-resto, but here are our top five. Think you've got the perfect name? Tell us (and them!) in our Comments section. (Eater Chicago)
1. Ca'Ching
2. Y Tu Mama, Tambien
3. Mancic
4. Duo Duo
5. Probably Better Than Italy

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