3 Last-Last Minute Gifts That Don’t Need Delivery!

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You've passed the point of procrastination and moved full-on into "damn, I just forgot". There's still hope for you, you lucky slacker! There are certain gifts in Chicago that don't require wrapping, delivery, or even shopping, really. If you can manage to get your hands on some sort of a greeting card, you're gonna be okay (we think Walgreens is still open, run!). Then read below for some extra-easy ways to gift your loved ones, even at the last-last minute.
Personal Assistant Services: This is maybe the sweetest thing you could give someone. They'd never think to buy it for themselves (and if they would you probably don't need to get them anything, anyway). Contact Girl On The Go, Chicago's coolest personal-assistant service. They do everything, literally. We're talking way more than just picking up dry cleaning. You might even be inspired to book "wait for the cable guy" services for yourself, too.
Cocktail Class: If someone in your life (that you haven't bought a gift for yet) constantly remarks on how much she'd like to learn to make cocktails, help her out! Buy her a Femme Du Coupe cocktail class, and she'll be well on her way. No mailman required.
Gift Cards: We know you don't want to give gift cards, but you waited this long, so that's just kinda too bad. And anyway, when they come from Gift Bar, they will seem far less impersonal and last-minute. Gift Bar even lets you decide how you'll deliver your gift. For you, we suggest the email and text message options.

Photo: Via Femme du Coupe, Gift Bar, and Girl on the Go

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