Get Schooled At Dabble: Nifty Classes On Just About Everything

If you've never heard of Dabble, we're pretty excited that we get to make the intro. Dabble is a forum for students and teachers of all things interesting to connect. Take or teach a class on any topic you like, meet new people, and expand your realm of knowledge past the last class you sat through in senior year. Did we mention all classes are just $20? Here are our favorite chances to expand our minds (and social circles) this month. Will you join us?
1. How To Market Your Apparel Line: It takes more than an Etsy store to get the word out about your brand. Get your goods market-ready and meet other aspiring clothes-smiths.
2. An Introduction To Meditation: This is hard, okay? You'd think clearing your mind would be a no-brainer (ha), but that's not really the case. A session with a pro will help you figure out how to make the most of your "me" time.
3. Online Dating 101: We all need a little help in the gettin' some department every now and then, and anyone who's ever wandered the aisles of OkCupid knows it can rough out there. Learn how to online date with the best of 'em this month.

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