Where To Meet Your Future Boyfriend In Chicago

UPDATE: This weekend is your last chance for summer romance, so try one of these no-fail spots to meet Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now). This story was originally published on March 16.
It's the question on every single Chicago girl's mind: Where do you meet guys in this town? Although there’s no magic spot where all the eligible bachelors like to hide, there is one crucial element to getting yourself to the right place to find the right fella. Namely, going out and "doing something," rather than just sitting at a bar downing gimlets and batting your eyes at the handsome dude across the bar. That's why we recruited Melissa Malka, our favorite love guru and the brains behind JALBC, a full-service dating consulting company, to dish her stellar tips and ideas for encountering someone new in Chi. According to Melissa, your best bet for finding a gent with serious potential is to check out places and events where you'll catch a mate with a common interest. Chances are, the right guy could be there, too.
Photo: (left) Via Wormhole Coffee, (right) Rex USA

Coffee Shops
Coffee shops, specifically coffee shops in the neighborhood where your “type of guy” goes, are not to be overlooked. For example, hipsters and the like should head straight to the Wormhole Coffee Shop, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Everyone else, think of what tickles your fancy — finance type guys in suits? Head to a Starbucks in the Loop. Argo’s are a great middle ground between corporate lovin’ Starbucks and the artsy crowd at independent shops. Because so many jobs today allow the flexibility to work from home (or from wherever you’d like), don’t assume that just because he’s at Starbucks at 1 p.m. that he’s broke or unemployed.
The Wormhole, 1462 North Milwaukee Avenue (at Honore Street); 773-661-2468.

The New Hotspot In Town
There’s something to be said about guys who like to stay on top of the latest trendy place around town. That’s an activity in it of itself, and a commendable one in a city like Chicago where it seems there’s always something opening or closing down. But, being a “drinkie” and a “foodie” are interests you can share with a man, so if this is your scene, check out 25 Degrees, the new “bordello meets burger bar” in River North. It doesn’t hurt that I live 2 blocks away so I’ve seen it on its busy days, (Wed-Sat) and wow, lots of cute guys! Grab your girls, or hell, come solo, order an adult milkshake and be prepared to get your flirt on. And if you see me there, say hi.
25 Degrees, 736 North Clark Street (at Superior Street); 312-943-9700.

Photo: Via Fleet Feet, MCA First Fridays, Adler Planetarium, and 25 Degrees
Fleet Feet’s “Fun Runs”
With summer around the corner, running season is back in a big way and there’s no better way to meet your running partner than by joining in on these weekly runs. Runs leave every Monday at 6:30 p.m. from Fleet Feet’s Lincoln Square location.
Fleet Feet, 4762 North Lincoln Avenue (at Lawrence Avenue); 773-271-3338.

First Fridays At MCA
For the art lovers (or lovers of art lovers) in all of us, First Fridays are the way to go. I know, I know, MCA’s starting to get a bad “meat market” status, but seriously, that’s just another term for “plenty of hot single people and women get hit on there a lot,” so it’s just up to you to sift through the riff-raff. There are plenty of Mr. Right’s here, I speak from experience.
MCA Chicago, 220 East Chicago Ave; 312-280-2660.

Adler After Dark at Adler Planetarium
Do you know what science sounds like? I do, but that’s because I’m a nerd and studied physics in undergrad. If you don’t, events at the Adler are held the third Thursday of the month, and they include cocktails, live music, and nerdy science (and probably a lot of nerdy scientists). Remember, adorkable is the new hot.
Adler Planetarium, 1300 South Lake Shore Drive; 312-922-7827.
Melissa Malka is an executive dating coach (nationally) and matchmaker (Chicago only). Her company, JALBC, focuses on bringing the science of dating to the surface and helping singles find exactly the kind of relationships they want to have.

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