Your Essential Hangover Cheat Sheet

Gearing up for an indulgent New Year's Eve? That doesn't mean you have to wake up to a monster hangover. To stave off the raging headache, you can either try the latest "miracle" hangover cures or you can stop a hangover in its tracks by being diligent the night before. Thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow and her cadre of expert friends, we know what causes a hangover, which makes it easier to prevent them.
There are tons of little tricks you can do the night before to minimize your suffering come the harsh light of day. And if you did party a little too hearty, never fear — we've also got a few sneaky ways to help hide the evidence of a debaucherous night, so you don't have to deal with all the knowing "Rough night?" comments from your friends and co-workers. Check out our hangover cheat sheet now and avoid the nauseous, achy, puffy-eyed grief in the morning.

Before The Party
• Start your beauty pre-gaming off by loading up on anti-inflammatory foods to help mitigate the damage that will surely ensue. Lunch should consist of water-rich fruits, veggies, salmon, roasted nuts, and plenty of water.
• Moisturize your under-eye area now — this will make wrinkles and puffiness less pronounced later. Tim Quinn, celebrity makeup artist for Giorgio Armani Beauty recommends using a small, pearl-sized amount of eye cream, emulsifying it on the back of your hand and gently tapping it along the ocular bone, from the outside edge of eye inward so as not to disturb your previously applied eye makeup. “The eye cream will actually revive and freshen the makeup that has settled into fine lines,” he adds.

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At The Party
• While the beer and champagne may look tempting, opt instead for a cocktails mixed with seltzer — you’ll be getting a bit more water, which will help you in the long run. The whole “drink a glass of water after every drink” ritual sounds great in theory, but let’s face it — you’re wearing a bodycon dress and the last thing you want to feel is sloshy!
• Keep that smile bright! For every dark drink you consume, indulge in a handful of crudité to help remove stains and keep you away from the salty, bloat-inducing chip bowl.
• Of course, you’ll have lipsticked your lips to pouty perfection prior to that big midnight kiss, but shortly after, douse your pucker in moisture with a super-shiny, hydrating gloss.

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After The Party
• After indulging in one too many adult beverages, you’re exhausted and just need to crash. But you still have to remove all that makeup, or risk waking up with stained pillows and an emerging breakout of epic proportions. Skip the cleansing cloths and opt for a gentle scrub — you'll get the most bang for your beauty buck and remove grime right in one shot.
• Quench your skin with restorative virgin coconut oil. Rebecca Ryan, a makeup artist at the La Vie de Luxe Salon & Spa, recommends emulsifying a quarter-sized amount in your hands and then massaging it on the face, neck, lips, and décolletage. It’s super-high in antioxidants, which penetrate into the underlying tissues of your skin to prevent and protect against free radicals. Plus, it’s just one step, so you don't have to futz around with a whole skin care regimen when you're motor skills aren't necessarily working at full capacity.

• If you can handle it (and you can handle it, champ!), Lisa Washington, a holistic wellness nutritional consultant, recommends you stumble over to the pantry before you hit the sheets. Chase two tall glasses of water with a shot of apple cider vinegar: It's been shown to help subside headaches, body aches and puffiness.
• Finally, sleep with your head slightly elevated to prevent fluid retention. You’ll thank us in the morning!

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The Morning After
• While still in bed, prop your head up with an additional pillow and use your fingertips to massage your puffy eye area to relieve swelling.
• Contact lens wearer? Spring for a fresh pair to avoid red eyes – lenses typically feel foggier, despite a few hours of floating in solution, after your body (and eyes) have become dehydrated.
• Whatever you do, don't take a long hot shower! The hot water will reverse all of your good efforts by making you puff up, explains Dr. Sandy Skotnicki, Medical Director at Bay Dermatology Centre.
• Still feeling a little... bloated? Whip up a quick egg white mask to give you a quick pseudo-facelift and tighten pores.
• Your beauty regimen is unregimented today. Opt for cream blushes, shadows, and bronzers to add some dewy luster back to dull, dry skin. And don’t even think about powdering your T-zone — powder will only magnify your skin's dehydrated look. Finish with a setting spray instead, to add moisture and create that fresh-faced finish. Soften up exhausted eyes with a navy mascara and a flesh-toned liner on your inner rims, to help minimize redness. Keep your makeup focus on your lips with a brightly colored, high-shine gloss that will help distract from tired eyes.

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