Pre-Combat (That’s A Thing) Holiday Stress With These Winter Spa Treatments

The holiday season is just beginning and already it feels like a marathon. All that shopping, partying, and carrying on can really wear a girl out, right when she needs to look her best for, well, more partying and carrying on. Luckily, Bliss Spa at the W Hotel totally understands our (admittedly privileged) struggles — and has brought out three special seasonal treatments to keep us looking and feeling our best all winter long.
Want to be at your slimmest, trimmest best in your pretty party dress? Stop in for the Party Dress Prep ($70) — a body treatment that stimulates circulation with dry brushing, and tones up any saggy sections with a generous helping of Fatgirlslim Firming Cream. You might also consider a decongesting "chestial" or "backcial" treatment if that party dress is as revealing as it is snug.
If all the late-night party-hopping starts to take a toll on your physical appearance, book yourself for the Post-Party Perk-Up ($60). This express facial targets the visible consequences of all that revelry with a powerful treatment trio of oxygen, targeted eye remedies, and, of course, lots of rehydration.
The Shopper's Delight Massage ($70) is perfect for the retail-weary — or anybody in need of a thirty-minute time-out from the holiday hustle and bustle, really. It targets the legs and head with a refreshing cucumber mask and a round of restorative kneading for those over-worked gams.
Where: Bliss Washington D.C., 515 15th Street NW; 877-862-5477 .

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