4 New Restos On Our Must-Try List

We try our best to keep track of all the new restaurants on the foodie scene. But no matter how hard we Chicagoans try, the delicious list gets so long that we feel we're constantly playing culinary catch-up. You don’t need to worry about where to eat this weekend, though, because we’ve picked the very yummiest of Chicago's new restaurants to dive into. Read on to find out which late-summer openings have our attention, and why. Next, put on your sweetest face and make nice-nice with a hostess or two to make sure you and your A-list pals snag a table this weekend. Even if you're not in the mood for linen cloths and dim lighting, you're covered, because our list includes everything from fine dining to guilty pleasure grub. Try one or try all. Whatever you choose, you won't get any stern foodie glances from us, just a high-five from the next table over.
Small shareable plates and craft cocktails are getting to be as classic as deep dish and hot dogs in Chicago. We say this because it's a good thing. We're thrilled to have a new spot to impress our Windy City guests (we'll probably head there on our own, too). There's nothing on the menu we can't imagine passing around a table of loved ones, and nothing on the drink menu we aren't craving right this minute. Add this to your mile-long must-try list, but maybe bump it up a few notches, eh? MörSo, 340 West Armitage Avenue (between Orleans and Sedgwick streets); 773-880-9280.
25 Degrees
We can understand how Chicagoans might be wary of a restaurant that is technically a "chain". Allow us to dispel your fears and let you know that 25 Degrees is much more than that. The restaurant is in fact a burger pioneer, hoping to elevate our country's favorite foodie pastime into something truly amazing. They succeed at this goal, BTW. And because you probably needed another amazing french fry source in Chicago, they are to-die-for here, too. 25 Degrees, 736 North Clark Street; 312-943-9700.
Bistro Voltaire
If old school swag and elevated diner ambience went out on a date, they'd go to Bistro Voltaire. An approachable, French-bistro inspired resto in the old Bar Louie location satiates with ease, and without hype or stuffiness. It's open for lunch too, so those with River North offices can look forward to crossing this one off the list at mid-day. We'd go for the Croque Monsieur, but we'll let you navigate this lengthy menu on your own. Warning: do not click if even remotely hungry. Bistro Voltaire, 226 West Chicago Avenue (at North Franklin Street); 312-265-0911.
Cheesie’s Pub & Grub
We clearly cannot live on fine dining alone, thus, we're sending you to a place called Cheesie's, with no reservations about it whatsoever. (See what we did there?) Every cheesy, gooey, it's-3-in-the-morning-and-you-know-what-that-means craving you have ever had dies a quick, delicious death right here. It's basically a grilled-cheese factory. Do we really need to go on? Cheesie’s Pub & Grub, 958 West Belmont Avenue (at North Sheffield Avenue); 773-388-1574.

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