Everyone’s Obsessed With Evan Peters’ Drunk Acting In Mare Of Easttown

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
There's a scene in Mare of Easttown that the internet can't stop talking about. It almost sounds like an accusation from the game Clue: Evan Peters and Kate Winslet, getting drunk at a Pennsylvania dive bar, while "Mr. Brightside" plays in the background. Spoilers ahead.
However, this particular scene in episode 3 of HBO’s new detective thriller isn't as fun as it sounds — in fact, it's a tough pivotal moment for both characters, Detective Colin Zabel and Mare. Mare is (as usual) drinking a Rolling Rock at the bar alone as she contemplates crossing a serious line that could cost her her job and her reputation. The usually plucky and positive Zabel, on the other hand, is already wasted, and confides in his partner about his sad encounter with his ex-fiancée at his 15-year high school reunion earlier in the evening.
"I woke up one morning and she said ‘nooope, not in love with you anymore,'” he slurs, following with a mock-surprise gasp. It's a masterclass in drunk acting, especially since, according to series director Craig Zobel, Peters played the scene totally sober. In fact, he said on Twitter that Peters drank "lil Dixie cups of apple cider vinegar every half hour" to "trigger sense memories."
Zobel told Vanity Fair that since Peters knew that this was a pivotal moment in understanding his character, "Evan was really invested in making sure that we got there.” 
Zobel went on to describe that though the scene was “fun” and “sad,” Evans dug so deep as he confessed his inner turmoil to Mare that he needed to hug it out as soon as it was over: “It was emotional and we were hugging at the end,” Zobel said.
Evans and Zobel weren't the only ones moved by the exchange. Fans took to Twitter to express how impressed they were at Evans' feat of drunk acting, and, for some, how deeply it hit home. It seems like everyone needs a hug — perhaps a glass of water and some Advil, too.

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