The Rapper Behind The Masked Singer Chameleon Seems Pretty Obvious

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Spoilers are ahead. When Chameleon was first introduced during the Group B premiere episode of The Masked Singer on March 17, his height and outfit made him look like a basketball player who stepped off the set of a ‘70s themed video. Panelist Ken Jenning theorized that 76ers center Dwight Howard was wearing those technicolor flared plants, but he is being misled. While Chameleon has the height of an NBA star, his timing and flow are on point, which suggests he is actually a professional musician. 
The guessing game becomes much easier when a contestant raps a song because we essentially hear their talking voice, unedited, for over two minutes. So while past contenders like Frog and Dragon (who were revealed to be Bow Wow and Busta Rhymes, respectively) gave great performances, there was never any doubt who would be under the mask. It looks like rapper Wiz Khalifa will fill that slot this season as he masquerades as Chameleon. Khalifa’s cool demeanor on stage, his distinct rapping style, and his towering 6’4” frame make him the clear (and only) choice for who is inside the Chameleon costume.   

Clues That Wiz Khalifa Is Chameleon 

The clues revealed on The Masked Singer are usually subtle, but Chameleon’s hints have obvious connections to Khalifa’s past. In fact, so many of Chameleon’s clues point to Khalifa that it is almost impossible to find an item in the clue package that does not suggest his identity. Let’s look at the stacks of evidence so far. 
“Chameleon has a history with precious gemstones” Cluedle-Doo clue from Week 2: This clue almost revealed Chameleon’s identity before he opened his mouth. Khalifa was married to Amber Rose from 2013 to 2016 which possibly explains the gemstone connection.
007 from Week 2: The number 007 is linked to fictional spy character James Bond. In 2004, Khalifa released a song that was a play on the spy’s name called “James Bong.” 
“Beware of pit” sign from Week 2: This sign could point to Khalifa’s connection to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although Khalifa was born in North Dakota, his family eventually moved to Pittsburgh where he attended Taylor Allderdice High School. The Pittsburgh City Council voted to make December 12, 2012 officially Wiz Khalifa Day. 
Dice with numbers 2 and 3 from Week 2: Khalifa is featured on a Mike Will Made-It song called “23.” 
Game controller from Week 2: Khalifa has tweeted about being a gamer, but the game controller could be more specific about his connection to the gaming community. The rapper released a mobile video game in 2017 called Weed Farm. 
“Puts the tech in technicolor” quote and “I.T.” book from Week 2: These clues could be a reference to Khalifa partnering with Color Star Technology last year to perform a virtual concert. The musician also frequently speaks about the importance of technology in interviews. He spoke to 247HH in 2019 about how technology and social media have helped build his career and his relationship with his fans. 
Blue and gold graduation cap from Week 4: The “Black and Yellow” rapper returned to Pittsburgh to perform at the University of Pittsburgh’s annual Blue and Gold Madness event.
Peaches from Week 4: The panel thought that the peaches in Chameleon’s clue package meant he is a Georgia native when the real explanation for the clue could be much simpler. Khalifa’s mother is named Peachie. 
“Bonjour” from Week 4: While Chameleon’s first set of clues highlighted one of Khalifa’s songs, the second clue package possibly referenced quite a few of his solo tracks and collaborations throughout his career. The sign with this French greeting could be a nod to his 2011 song with Snoop Dogg and Mike Posner called “French Inhale.” 
“Tragedy struck and she was taken from me” quote from Week 4: Chameleon’s clue package focused on someone in his life who was “attacked” for being herself and passed away. Khalifa’s sister Dorien “Lala” Thomaz died in 2017. Lala was transgender and in 2020 Khalifa’s mom, Peachie, tweeted about her daughter and the fear or transphobia. 
“I want to feel proud showing their true colors” quote from Week 4: This clue was possibly another reference to Khalifa’s music. He released a song with Nicki Minaj called “True Colors.” 
This post will continue to be updated as new clues are revealed on The Masked Singer.

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