The Masked Singer Season 4 Winner Gave Us So Many Obvious Clues

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The season 4 finale of The Masked Singer delivered an ending that could have been predicted from the first episode. From the moment Sun opened the season with Lizzo’s “Cuz I Love You,” it was undeniable that she was the best contestant in Group A, with a guaranteed ride to the finale. After Seahorse was voted out of the competition in early December, the mask trophy was practically already in Sun’s golden hands. Her closing performance of Brandi Carlile’s hit “The Story” cemented her spot as the winner. And then, the mask came off.
Grammy-winning singer LeAnn Rimes was the voice behind the Sun, and honestly, it might have been the least surprising moment of the season. Her identity has been apparent for weeks. The panelists’ final statements seemed to confirm they also knew who Sun was all along considering Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger pulled from week 1 clues to justify their theories about Rimes being behind the mask. Since her first appearance on the show, Sun’s clue packages were filled with recognizable connections to Rimes. But in case you were never that much of a Rimes follower, or you missed a few key clues, here's what should have tipped you off:

Star Search & Child Stardom

Sun’s first clue package introduced information that described Rimes’ background in the music industry. Sun spoke about early stardom leading to a career overwhelmed by pressure. The spotlight was too much and she was “burned out." These clues implied that Sun was a child star. 
Rimes started singing and performing as a child. She competed on Star Search at only eight years old. She then became the youngest person to walk away with a Grammy when she won Best New Artist and Best Female Country Vocal Performance at age 14. Rimes has had a long career in the music industry and definitely understands the strain of being in the public eye. 

All The Blue Clues

The panel should have suggested Rimes name after the second set of clues because of her connection to the color blue, which popped up throughout that package. Some of the clues highlighted were a watering pail, hair tie, heart, and butterfly — and they were all blue. 
Rimes’ debut record is called Blue. She also won a Grammy for her single with the same name. Although there is doubtfully another musician who is more connected to blue than Rimes, the panel didn't put those pieces together at the time.

Those Northern Lights

Sun’s "Sol Mate" took the reins for her third package and he was seated next to a photo of the Northern Lights. This distinct detail suggested Sol Mate had to be Rimes’s husband, actor Eddie Cibrian. The two met on the set of a 2009 Lifetime movie called Northern Lights.

The Twisted Angels

The other significant clue in Sun’s third clue package was a string of angels. It worked as a misdirect because the panel only focused on the angels being wind chimes. But, the decorations, which appeared to be in a spiral (or twist) represented Rimes' fifth album, Twisted Angel
Although Sun’s win was not the most unexpected moment on the show this season, it was definitely deserved. Rimes nailed every song and consistently kept the audience and panel entertained. This series is all about giving second chances for talented vocalists to shine, and no one can argue that the Sun didn't deliver.

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