The Frog’s Catfish Clue On The Masked Singer Was A Dead Giveaway

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The lineup of contestants on the third season of The Masked Singer included multiple celebs with easily detectable voices. Aside from Lil’ Wayne as the Robot, the Masked Singer Frog's identity has to be the most obvious because he has rapped for all of his performances and has a very distinct talking pattern that the voice modulator fails to disguise. Somehow, none of the panelists have come close to suggesting that musician Bow Wow (real name Shad Moss) is the celebrity in disguise. And that's even more shocking when you factor in the newest clue about The Frog: Catfish.
Between performances on the April 29 episode, Frog gave the panel another clue that couldn’t possibly apply to anyone other than Bow Wow as part of the show's "Masked Munchies" extra clues, in honor of guest panelist Gordon Ramsay. After rapping a version of “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons, Frog shared his edible clue which was a fried catfish, made extra catlike with olives for eyes and strips of cheese (or maybe lettuce?) as whiskers. He called the “tasty clue” one of his favorite foods. The Masked Singer clues are practically whispering "Bow Wow" to the panel and they still can’t figure it out.
It's hard not to immediately think of the MTV show Catfish or the term “catfishing” whenever the fish is mentioned. And this clue was clearly a reference to the long-running reality series and Bow Wow's well-known "appearance" on the series. There was an episode during the second season, back in 2013, titled “Keyonnah and Bow Wow.” The episode focused on a woman who believed she had been talking to her childhood-crush, Bow Wow, for four months. It was one of the wildest and most unbelievable stories Catfish has ever aired and the episode quickly went viral.
Keyonnah, then 19, never video chatted with “Bow Wow” but the person she was speaking to sent her $10,000, which she thought confirmed she was communicating with the former 106 & Park host. Unfortunately for Keyonnah, it was revealed that Dee Pimpin, who had used the alias of Bow Wow to deceive multiple women, was behind the account.
After the debacle, Bow Wow brought Keyonnah and Dee Pimpin on 106 & Park. He was surprisingly fine with the lying and compared the impersonation to wanting to be like basketball player Allen Iverson as a child. “So when they asked me how I felt about somebody impersonating me, I was like, ‘I'm cool with it. It's flattering. It's love,’” he said at the time. 
This clue should’ve definitely narrowed down the guess options for the panel, but even if it didn't there a number of clear clues this week, including a jersey with the number 23 that points to the movie Like Mike, which stars Moss (as Lil' Bow Wow).
Another clue was a close up of the number 13 on a crime board. The musician released his debut album when he was 13 and briefly starred on crime procedural CSI: Cyber, which accounts for the crime board format.

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