The Masked Singer’s Astronaut Super Clue Seals It: He Can Only Be One Person

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For the third season of The Masked Singer, contestants have been dropping themed clues each week. Valentine's Day and Fox’s LEGO Masters influenced the previous special clues, but now that we're down to the super nine, contestants are revealing “super clues.” Don’t worry, they are still just as confusing as ever, including the new clue for the Masked Singer's Astronaut.
Compared to some of the other contestants, the Astronaut’s identity seems more obvious. His voice and his rise and fall in the music industry support the theory that country singer Hunter Hayes is inside the Astronaut costume. Still, the Astronaut’s super clue could be a little confusing to link to Hayes. Luckily, we’re here to break it down for you.

What Does The Astronaut's Broken Record Super Clue Mean?

When introducing his super clue, the Astronaut said he wanted to “blow the whistle on a clue that means the world to me.” An image of a broken record with the Earth at the center of it was shown. The Astronaut tends to talk in strange, robotic metaphors in his packages. “Blow the whistle” could just be a way of him saying he wants to bring attention to an issue he cares about. The broken record could point to a musical background. However, the Earth on top of it makes it a broken world record, suggesting someone who holds a world record. 
Some digging into Hayes’ background reveals that he is a Guinness World Record holder. In 2014, he was awarded the title of the person to play the most concerts in multiple cities over a 24-hour period. Hayes played 10 shows in 10 different cities in 24 hours to help raise awareness about child hunger.
If this connection isn’t enough to convince you that Hayes is the Astronaut, the past clues should. The country singer is 5’6” which is how tall the Astronaut appears to be when standing next to host Nick Cannon. The Astronaut has repeatedly mentioned that being on the show is a new beginning for him. Hayes had major success with singles like “I Want Crazy” and “Wanted,” but he has since taken a break from the spotlight. One clue package also included a flag with Orion’s belt. The constellation is named after a hunter in Greek mythology which, of course, connects to Hayes’ name. 
The biggest clues so far, aside from Hayes’s distinguishable voice, are the references to his musical background. Astronaut’s clue packages featured a French horn, a coffee container, and mention of a Stevie Wonder connection. Hayes can play 30 instruments and he played in coffee shops during the beginning stages of his career. He has also performed with Stevie Wonder on Dancing With The Stars
Honestly, the super clues and the Astronaut’s other clues make it hard to explain how anyone besides Hayes could be behind the mask. But, since they can’t look anything up, the panel was probably further confused by the super clue. We expect the Astronaut to stay unmasked and stump the judges for a long time. 
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