Summer House’s New Dude Luke Says Season 4 Was “Confusing”

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo.
Everyone on the Bravo's weekend getaway reality show is a hustler, but new Summer House cast member Luke Gulbranson seems to bring a whole new meaning to the word. Yeah, he’s incredibly good-looking (he's a model), but he’s also an actor (he only has a few credits to his name), a woodworker (see: his Instagram), a hockey coach, and a clothing and eyewear designer. Now, he's also a Bravolebrity. Who needs sleep when you have a house in the Hamptons for the summer and plenty of new people to meet?
According to Bravo, Luke is from Northern Minnesota but has been in New York City for 15 years after a chance encounter with a modeling scout. He fancies himself a “jack of all trades” — clearly — and he really loves his motorcycle. He's also pretty positive about the time he spent with his Summer House castmates. “We had a fun summer — it was a confusing summer, but it was a fun summer,” he told Refinery29 via phone shortly before the Summer House season 4 premiere. “We’ve all become really good friends.”
That's pretty vague, so when we asked him to describe the season in five words, Luke stuck with the big guns: “Fun. Emotional. Growth. Rosé. Tiring!” Sounds like a textbook season of Summer House. The Summer House season 4 trailer teased Luke possibly, maybe getting involved with Hannah Berner, but when asked about their relationship, all Luke would say is that she is “special” to him. Okay, Luke. We see you.
While he’s towing the Bravo company line by staying mum about his Summer House activities, Luke certainly has a lot going on in the next few months. He says he's not sure if he’ll be coming back for Summer House season 5, if Bravo brings the show back, but he has a packed schedule for now. “I’m hoping to film some stuff for HBO, and then I’m hoping to have stuff coming out on my website for my brand that I have to get up next week,” he says, pointing to a sunglasses line launch and the playoffs for the hockey team he coaches. "There’s a lot going on.”
Luke's dance card seems pretty full, but his seemingly quiet demeanor should intrigue Summer House fans. A reserved dude who knows how to keep secrets? That's something new in this house of dramatics.
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