Here’s What Just Happened On Station 19, In Case You’re A Grey’s Fan Who Skipped It

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Shonda Rhimes is trying to make die-hard Grey's Anatomy fans care about Station 19, and, for some, that love just may never manifest. Now, Station 19 is Grey's Anatomy's lead-in show in a crossover event, which means that you have to watch Station 19 first to see where and how that big, dramatic, car-crashing-through-the-window-at-Joe's Grey's Anatomy fall finale picked up in 2020. Just kidding — you totally don't have to watch Station 19 if you don't want to. Because we're here to recap the first half of the Station 19-Grey's crossover for you. You're welcome.
Both Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy ended with various assorted traumas, the most serious of which has all the new interns, plus Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and Ben Warren (Jason Winston George), stuck in Joe's after a car plowed through the front. Side note: Did we know that the bar was... underground? After 16 years, I didn't think so.
Anyway, we pick up at the scene of the accident, and, surprise, everyone is panicking. You would think, Hey, these interns are doctors, they've been trained for this — but no. Emotions are high. Intern Helm and Doctor Simms, Tom Koracick's protege, are injured — Simms badly so. Schmidt is losing his mind, paralyzed by indecision and fear. Parker is in shock, having reverted to his days in the army (he keeps asking if they're in the "green zone"), and Warren and Jackson are contending with that aforementioned car, the people in the car — a husband that has had a heart attack and a wife that's freaking out about her husband's condition — and the other patrons that were in the bar at the time of the crash. Kim is... sort of helping? He's doing his best, which is certainly better than the other interns.
Most of the episode just involved the logistics of triage and moving people away from the crash site, and working with the firefighters on the outside to help with the rescue. There wasn't much time for the interpersonal drama that Grey's Anatomy fans tune in for minus one big moment between Warren and Bailey (Chandra). In the Grey's fall finale, we saw the beginning of Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) miscarriage; now, Warren blames himself because his highly dangerous job is too stressful for her and, therefore, the baby, but Bailey is quick to convince him otherwise. This baby was just not meant to be, she says, and if they wanted to blame someone, they can blame God. We'll definitely be hearing more about this on Grey's Anatomy.
The last Grey's-related scenes of the episode had the team rescued from Joe's and racing to get to Grey Sloan to help the injured, making it the perfect setup to find out everyone's collective fate in the next hour.
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