Where We Left Off On Lost In Space Season 1

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Danger, Will Robinson! Lost In Space is back on Netflix, but since it’s been over a year between season 1 and season 2 let’s take a minute and recap where Lost in Space left off. The Robinson family is just getting started on their epic journey. 
All this family wanted to do was live on a space colony after an asteroid (or was it) destroys Earth. Is that really so much to ask? The Robinson parents and their three children excel at science and problem solving, but after crash landing on a planet, getting split up from their fellow colonists and befriending a very muscular robot it looks like colony life is not for them. We may not even see any of the other colonists this season, because the Robinsons got separated from the group yet again. 

How The Robinsons Got Lost In Space

At the end of season 1, the Robinsons' landing craft, the Jupitor 2, gets flung into outer space towards an unknown destination in and unknown galaxy while attempting to dock with their mother ship, the Resolute. The have the wise-cracking mechanic Don West with them, but not their Robot pal — he got flung in a different direction while fighting with a different robot. Now, just like the Robinsons in the original ‘60s series and the 1998 film before them, they really are “lost in space.” In every iteration of this series, the Robinsons are doomed to bounce from planet to planet as their journey to the colonies at Alpha Centauri are continually sabotaged.

What Happened With Dr. Smith On Lost In Space?

Season 1 also ended with Parker Posey’s character, Dr. Smith, getting locked up on the ship by Maureen. How long do you think it’s going to take for her to break out? Smith is also known as June Harris, and is a con artist with little scientific knowledge who will say and do absolutely anything to survive. It took the Robinson family a whole season to figure out that she was lying about her identity, but that doesn't mean she can't still cause trouble in season 2.

What Happened To The Earth On Lost In Space?

June isn't the only antagonist to worry about on Lost In Space, however. There's also a mysterious alien race and mysterious robots. Will's robot might be a friend, but he was programmed to kill the humans on the Resolute for reasons unknown.
We also learned at the end of season 1 that Earth was attacked by aliens, not an asteroid as they previously believed. Who or what is so bent on destroying human life, and why?
Will connects the dots between the Jupitor 2's destination and the Robot's "danger" warning in the final moments of the season. They're probably being sent into a trap, so that's just perfect. They need to find the Robot and get answers in season 2 before it's too late.
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