The Story Behind The Viral Video Of A Coach Disarming & Hugging A School Shooter

Photo: AP Photo.
A recently released video of a potential school shooter being stopped and hugged by a school employee is going viral — and may have minted a new hero. 
Keanon Lowe, a former football player for the University of Oregon and the San Francisco 49ers turned security guard and track and field coach at Parkrose High School in Portland, OR, intervened in a possible shooting. In the May 2019 video, 19-year-old Angel Granados-Diaz is seen holding a rifle as he enters the school and students begin fleeing. Lowe calmly disarms Granados-Diaz and wraps him a hug. Another teacher grabs the weapon, and the would-be shooter breaks down into Lowe’s arms. 
An investigation revealed that the gun contained one round; Granados-Diaz had intended to use it on himself. School administrators knew that Granados-Diaz had been experiencing symptoms of suicidal ideations and, that day, Lowe had intended to escort the student to the office, The Washington Post reports. When Lowe arrived, Granados-Diaz attempted to harm himself, but the firearm did not discharge, giving Lowe an opportunity to diffuse the situation. There were no injuries, NBC News reports. Granados-Diaz was sentenced to three years of probation and mandatory mental health counseling.
“I analyzed everything in a second,” Lowe told local news outlet KOIN 6, which obtained the video through a FOIA request. “I told him [that] I was there to save him, I was there for a reason, and that [his] life was worth living. The universe works in amazing ways. I’m lucky and I’m happy that I was in that classroom for all those kids and I was able to prevent that tragedy.”
Of the hero moniker, Lowe said, “I don’t know if ‘hero’ is the right word but the universe works in mysterious ways and I was meant to be in that classroom and I was meant to stop a tragedy.”
Social media heralded Lowe’s compassion and courage in the widely-shared video. 

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