Taylor Schilling Is Trapped In Suburban Hell In This Exclusive Clip From The New Movie Family

Photo: Courtesy of the Film Arcade.
At the start of Family, out April 19, Kate Stone (Taylor Schilling) gets uninvited from a company baby shower for spoiling the mood. She's that kind of buzzkill. Kate believes she got to the lofty position of Senior Vice President only by following a fool-proof strategy: Work tirelessly and don't get pregnant. Kids, as she tells a coworker, ruin careers (and women's lives).
Given Kate's general outlook on children, she's an unlikely candidate to spend a week watching a teenager. But when her estranged brother (Eric Edelstein) asks for help watching his tween daughter, Maddie (Bryn Vale), Kate reluctantly crosses the George Washington Bridge to New Jersey. So begins an adventure in suburbia — and an unlikely bonding between two misfits.
In this exclusive clip, Kate's confronted with her nemesis for the weekend: Her athleisure-clad next-door-neighbor Jill, played by an overenthusiastic Kate McKinnon.
Kate's babysitting gig gets out-of-hand when Maddie decides she wants to run away and join the Juggalos. Vale's stand-out performance as a girl seeking an exit from the throes of her pre-teen years will inevitably make you feel empathy for your younger self. In this way, Family fits in among the recent string of movies and TV shows, like Eighth Grade and PEN15, that give accurate depictions of girlhood as it is — not as it is on TV.
Catch Family, which was written and directed by Laura Steinel, in theaters beginning April 19. Come for cameo of Natasha Lyonne as a juggalo; stay for the movie's celebration of cultivating your inner weirdo.

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