Your Questions About Brandi Glanville's RHOBH Cameo, Answered

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In Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a former Housewife is returning. No, I’m not talking about Kim Richards. She’s always there. Nope, not Camille Grammer, either. She’s been around. During this season, Brandi Glanville will be back on RHOBH. It’s not yet clear how often she will appear on the show, or when Brandi's RHOBH season 9 episode happens (though there are some clues), but she really makes herself known in the trailer.
In the preview for the season, Brandi pops up to meet new Housewife Denise Richards at a restaurant. As she approaches Denise, she says, “Hello, kitty cat!” Then they clink glasses (not a great position to be in with Brandi!) and the controversial Housewife says, “Cheers, bitch.” This is the only time Brandi appears in the nearly 3-minute-long trailer, but she's been in Denise's circle for a while.
When Does Brandi Show Up?
Bravo has rightfully kept that exact information under wraps, but it stands to reason that Brandi's cameo is coming fairly soon. The trailer pairs the return of Glanville with Denise's wedding, which took place in September 8, 2018, right at the outset of RHOBH filming. With fellow housewives questioning the timing of her wedding (Lisa and Lisa, naturally), wouldn't that be a great time to bring in a friend for support? Besides, how could they call themselves friends if Brandi wasn't at Denise's wedding?
Since RHOBH films through November (see: this update from this season's trip to France), that would potentially place this Brandi & Denise meeting in the very near future — as soon as the second or third episode of the season.
Are Denise & Brandi Really Friends?
Brandi and Denise knew each other prior to RHOBH. Brandi told People back in August, after it was announced that Denise was joining the series, “We have the same agent so I know her and she’s always seemed sweet. But I look forward to seeing the naughty side!” Real Housewives is built on the random connections these women have, so these two having the same agent is plenty enough reason to film together and a good enough excuse to get Brandi back on. Brandi also told People of Denise, “I think if she can handle [ex-husband] Charlie Sheen, she’s got to have some kind of drama in her.”
More recently, in a December interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brandi referred to herself as “friends with Denise,” but she really held back about her appearance on the series, which had not yet been confirmed at the time.
Kyle Richards then commented on Brandi’s return a couple of weeks later when the trailer came out. “Well, she's unpredictable so you don't know what's going to happen,” she said during a Watch What Happens Live appearance.
Does This Mean Brandi Is Rejoining The Cast, Too?
Brandi isn’t yet back to her place as a full-time Housewife, but that doesn't mean she won't make it back: Denise could end up being her ticket in. Andy Cohen told ET last year, that Brandi could only come back permanently if she ever had a genuine connection with any of the current Housewives. “If somehow Brandi and [Lisa Vanderpump], or Brandi and Kyle [Richards], or if she wound up legitimately becoming good friends with a few of those women, then I think that would be great,” he said. “Then we would bring her back. Right now … she’s still on an island.” And Brandi is definitely interested in returning, she told ET, “That’s my home. I feel at home with all those crazy women.”
Whether you’re a Brandi fan or are on the right side of history and will never get over how she treated Joyce Giraud, she’s coming back at least a little bit and there’s no stopping it. Now we just have to wait and see how much air time she gets.

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