Abducted In Plain Sight Is The Netflix Documentary Almost Too Wild To Believe

Photo: Courtesy of Top Knot Films/IMDb.
Stories about abductions are always terrifying, but in Netflix's new documentary, Abducted In Plain Sight, 12 (and then 14) year-old Jan Broberg is abducted twice.
That's just the first unbelievable thing about this (I promise) true story that has been capturing Netflix enthusiasts' attention on Twitter. Broberg's captor, Robert Berchtold, was a close family friend, and used that relationship to get away with multiple abductions of Broberg, as well as alleged molestation, rape, and brainwashing.
Berchtold went to extreme lengths to orchestrate his plan, which included manipulation of both Broberg's parents and Broberg herself. Berchtold allegedly built a relationship with Broberg and convinced her that they needed to have a child together in order to save the world. After the first abduction, Berchtold got the Brobergs to forgive him; two years later, he abducted her again.
Broberg's mother, Mary Ann Broberg, published a 2003 book about their struggle. The documentary, which arrived on Netflix this month, shares an even more comprehensive look at Broberg's tale, replete with audio recordings of Berchtold and reports from the FBI, which investigated the case.
"Y'all need to watch Abducted in Plain Sight on Netflix," one user wrote on Twitter. "This is insane."
"Abducted in Plain Sight has to be the most wild documentary I’ve seen in my life," another remarked.
"the netflix doc abducted in plain sight is INSANE," one said. "This guy groomed an entire family and clapped both the parents cheeks to get to the daughter i can’t believe my eyes."
And another simply wrote, "Abducted in plain sight has me so twisted what the fuck."
Yet, somehow, these tweets barely scratch the surface of the documentary. Its many twist and turns include aliens, the CIA, nuns, and, finally, the FBI. Now, Broberg, who goes by Jan Broberg Felt, is an actress, appearing in episodes of TV shows like Girlboss and I'm Sorry. You can check her out there, but be sure to catch her wild story on Netflix first.

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