Kiernan Shipka Needs A Spell To Fight Allergies

Photo: Diyah Pera/Netflix.
I will accept nothing less than the entire cast of the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina being best friends who will eventually all come to my birthday party, so, yeah, I'm pretty crushed at the news that Kiernan Shipka and my favorite character don't get along IRL. Shipka, who is bringing to life the favorite Archie Comics character, spoke to The Cut about her role in the upcoming Netflix adaptation, and revealed that she's actually allergic to cats.
This is problematic, since Sabrina's familiar companion is a cat named Salem, played by five different cats in the series.
"The cat is the one cast member I don’t get along with," she revealed, explaining that she discovered she was allergic after breaking out in hives when she picked up one of the cats.
"The cats are like Bobby Draper," she added, referring to the many actors who played her character's little brother on Mad Men.
If there were ever a time to invent a cure for cat allergies, it's now, since Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina received a two-season order, meaning there are many more episodes to come. Good news for us, but maybe not for Shipka's skin. But how can you resist a cat like this one?
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