Gillian Flynn's Cryptic Tweet Has Fans Wondering About The Future Of Sharp Objects

Photo: Anne Marie Fox/HBO.
We haven't even had time to fully process the unexpected twists that unfurled during last night's Sharp Objects finale before people have started murmuring about a possible second season. For the most part, the people behind the HBO miniseries have been pretty clear that the story is not going to continue, but a tweet from the original book's author, Gillian Flynn, who helped write and executive produce the series, has fans doing a double-take.
"Huge gratefulness to everyone involved in SHARP OBJECTS," she wrote on Monday. "More soon. But for now...huge gratefulness."
"More soon"? More what? Is she talking about more tweets, more projects, or more Sharp Objects? As the story's author, she's pretty much the only person who can add more to the story, and now readers and viewers are wondering if that's what's in store.
"MORE SOON? #SharpObjects"
"More soon????????"
"What does "more soon" mean? "
Flynn has yet to provide an answer to the many excited fans in her replies, but showrunner Marti Noxon addressed a similar question today in an interview with Vanity Fair.
"I mean, I never say never, I guess," she told the outlet about a possible season 2. "I think for us, it's less about know, that team, it was pretty hard to assemble in the first place. The idea of doing [that again] seems next to impossible."
Whatever Gillian Flynn has coming our way, we'll accept it in all its dark, gritty, female-led glory.
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