Netflix's The Innocents Gets Darker, More Urgent In Exclusive Second Trailer

Netflix's The Innocents, which arrives on the streaming site August 24, is going to get wonky. The series premise is already bizarre: A young girl named June (Sorcha Groundsell) discovers she has a hidden talent for shape-shifting. Only, it might not be called a "talent." June's magical ability, more often than not, leads her to trouble. The second trailer, which drops today, highlights how June's powers align with that of her mother's. Her mother (played by Laura Birn) lives apart from her, having left June and her father (Sam Hazeldine) to go live in a remote location where her powers can be studied. She doesn't know that June is just like her — that June can shape- shift into the people she touches. Except something about June's power is different.
"June's not like the other women," an operative for Halvorsen (Guy Pearce), a man bent on understanding this power, tells Halvorsen when he discovers June. "She's everything you're looking for."
That, and June is still just a teen! The Innocents is part fantasy, part horror, and part teen romance — it's the "Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone" line from Taylor Swift's "Love Story," but with violent shape-shifting.
Watch the full trailer, below.
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