How Insatiable Is Tackling Beauty Standards, One Joke At A Time

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
In the first teaser trailer for Insatiable, which debuted exclusively on, Patty (Debby Ryan) makes sure you're aware that she's not a happy, well-adjusted teen. She's a modern teen, fucked over by today's strict beauty standards. The Netflix comedy, created by Lauren Gussis (who also produced Dexter), follows Patty as she enacts revenge on anyone who ever made fun of her for her weight. Patty has recently lost weight, and she starts competing in beauty pageants as a way of defeating the bullies.
In the teaser, Patty uses a sledgehammer to destroy a snack aisle. Off to the side, a grocery store worker (and a love interest of Patty's, played by Daniel Kang) looks on, stunned. His look of amazement is what Insatiable wants out of you — this is not a comedy aiming to please.
Speaking to Cosmo, the show's star Debby Ryan (a Disney alum) described Patty as an anti-hero. After all, this is a sort of candy-coated Kill Bill.
"This is a story of a girl who has just achieved what she thought would be the jumpstart of her life, and now realizes that she spent a lot of her identity waiting for this moment and doesn't know who she is," Ryan explained.
It's also dealing with a lot of trauma incurred by the brutal reality that looks matter. "Comedy is a really important way for us to be able to talk about the things that are already very present, and it gives us room," she added.
The show also stars comedians Arden Myrin (from the podcast Will You Accept This Rose? for my Bachelor-lovers in the back) and Sarah Colonna (Chelsea Lately, also sometimes on Will You Accept This Rose?). Insatiable premieres on Netflix on August 10. Watch the full teaser, below.

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