Hillary Clinton Has One Message For Gen Z

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Hillary Clinton joined the Teen Vogue Summit as a guest with an important message for Generation Z. While being interviewed onstage by Black-ish actress Yara Shahidi, Clinton shared the most important thing she believes young people can do, shares The Hollywood Reporter.
"Vote. This is the most inclusive, diverse, thoughtful generation," Clinton said to the audience. "If you vote, we're going to win."
The former presidential candidate took some time to address the recently passed tax plan describing it as a "blatant and insulting attack on working Americans." She added that the sweeping tax plan that was passed overnight benefits billionaires while eliminating tax cuts given to teachers who buy school supplies for students with their own money.
Clinton has been making many stops while on her book tour for What Happened, which recounts her experience running for office in 2016. While being interviewed by Shahidi, Clinton elaborated on a moment countless people around the world witnessed – when Donald Trump stalked her onstage during the second presidential debate.
In an exclusive interview with Refinery29, Clinton described the moment, saying that her "skin crawled" as she debated whether or not to call him out for his behavior. During the summit, she explained why she decided against it. "I knew he’d be desperate because the Access Hollywood tapes had just came out where he basically confesses to sexual assault," recalled Clinton. "So I said, we have to be calm and I maintained my composure. But afterwards, I thought about that, and what would have happened if I spun around and said, 'You love to intimidate women, but back up you creep!' I think it would have been really satisfying. But I also think given the way women are covered..they would have said she can’t take it....or we don’t want an angry woman in the Oval Office."
She urged the young women attending the summit to be a positive force in our changing culture. She encouraged them to fight to make it safe for women to express a full range of emotions without it causing negative repercussions. Using the moment Trump called her a "nasty woman" as an example, Clinton demonstrated how men were given more range without it hurting their career.
Clinton ended with an important message, saying, "Be part of the changing culture so it’s not viewed as disqualifying if you’re standing up for yourself and speaking up for yourself."

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