Someone Has Created The Gay Nativity Scene We Need In Our Lives

In the traditional Christmas story, as many of us know, a very pregnant Mary and her partner Joesph were forced to stay the night in a stable where Mary delivered baby Jesus. But what if it wasn't Mary and Joesph who met their child that night, but instead Murray and Joseph? Or Marty and Joseph?
That's the Nativity story one couple in California is telling, after setting up a Nativity in their yard with two Joseph figures instead of a Mary and a Joseph.
Queer comedienne Cameron Esposito spotted the gay Nativity scene, which her neighbors put up on their lawn. She took a photo, posted it to Twitter, and said she was "beaming" at the queer little family.
As much as you'd probably expect some people to be angry about this non-traditional Nativity ruining the spirit of Christmas — after all, people get upset when even something as mundane as a cup acknowledges that gay people exist — the comments on the tweet are actually really positive. Most of them are downright hilarious.
Like the people who pointed out that this makes Jesus' birth even more of a miracle.
And the person who imagined what might have happened to the two Marys who were supposed to come with those sets.
And the people who recognized that these two Josephs are having a very common problem for gay couples — outfit coordination.
Then, of course, there were the people who pointed out that this version of events isn't exactly inaccurate.
And for anyone worrying that this Nativity scene erases Mary and her role in history — after all, she did all the work in the traditional story — don't fret. There's a two Marys Nativity scene out there, too, and it's complete with a baby Jesus swaddled in a rainbow.
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