Watch: This Professor Drops Some Truth Bombs About Love & Relationships

Think back to the last time you were dating (or trying to date) someone who just didn't seem that interested. Maybe they didn't bother to make plans or answer your texts. If you haven't had this experience, that's great! But for those of us who have, it can often feel like we're doing something wrong or not trying hard enough.
Well, Ja'el Roberson is here to tell you that it's time to stop all of that negative thinking. The professor, who teaches public speaking at Spelman College in Atlanta, was caught sharing some sage advice on love and relationships with her students — and the 45 second clip has since gone viral.
Roberson says in the video that if a person says they're out of your life, for whatever reason, you should let them leave.
"If somebody wants to be in your life, nothing will keep them from being with you," she said. She points to the "rock on [her] hand," and tells her students that a relationship worth having isn't one in which your significant other threatens to leave or shows little interest in you.
"I hope that my teachings will impact women of color in instilling in them the importance of identity," Roberson said in a All Def Nation video. "They have to know how amazing they are. They have to know that they were created to be great."
It seems that this lesson, at least, is having that effect. The original tweet of Roberson's lesson has been retweeted almost 175,000 times as of writing, and although some people are criticizing the lesson as being too gendered (women can show up when and if they want to, too), many are loving the simple, but needed advice.
Although we understand the critique that Roberson's talk was a little too focused on women waiting around for men and generalizes these relationship struggles between only straight men and straight women, it's not too difficult for anyone — no matter their gender or sexual orientation — to take what she said an apply it to their own life.
After all, no one needs to feel inferior over someone who isn't willing to stick around, whether that's in a romantic relationship or even a friendship.
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