Watch: If Straight People Were Treated Like Gay People On Vacation

It's pretty common to see videos and articles point out how ridiculous the things straight people often say to gay people are by flipping the script and putting those words onto straight couples. But videos like this are so popular because they work. I mean, how can someone hear how strange it is to say, "You're straight? But you're so pretty," and not realize that maybe they should stop saying that about gay people, too.
Somehow, though, not everyone has gotten the message and gay people still hear the most ridiculous (and often homophobic) things from their straight peers. So, to continue combating the homophobic words and actions LGBTQ people face — even on vacation — Virgin Holidays has partnered with ATTN to create a new flip-the-script video. This one shows a straight couple on vacation, who can't get away from negative and creepy comments.
This time, the video also has a bigger message. Virgin Holidays conducted a study to go along with the video, and surveyed both straight and LGBTQ people in the UK about their comfort levels while on vacation. They found that 84% of the straight respondents felt comfortable showing affection in public, while only 5% of LGBTQ respondents also felt safe.
What's more, 40% of the LGBTQ participants said they'd faced clear discrimination while traveling, and 80% said they refuse to hold hands on vacation at all.
Virgin Holidays isn't clear about how many people they surveyed, or the demographics of the group, but the idea that LGBTQ people could feel unsafe to show affection in an unfamiliar place isn't hard to believe. In fact, it's such a well-known problem that queer couples sometimes choose not to hold hands, just in case there's someone around who would say or do something violent.
As this new video shows, it's ridiculous that any couple — gay or straight — should have to worry about something as simple as holding hands in public.
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