People Body-Shamed This Celeb While She Was In The Hospital

After Megan McKenna, a reality star and rising country singer (she's outselling Taylor Swift on iTunes) from across the pond, posted two photos of herself on Instagram this summer, she began getting body shaming comments like #bonesfordays, and people who called her a "skinny rat," BuzzFeed reports.
McKenna hit back at the shamers in comments on her Instagram page, explaining that she has celiac disease, which causes unexplained weight loss among other symptoms.
"So you lot would never bully someone about being over weight but think it's acceptable to call them anorexic and look like a skinny rat. When I have celiac disease and problems with my stomach," she wrote. "I eat a healthy amount of food a day, and I'm under the hospital. Leave me alone."

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She's now explained even further that she was actually in the hospital while dealing with the commenters.
"Everyone knows I’m a Celiac, and I’ve just been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome," she told The Sun.
Before filming her new show, There's Something About Megan, McKenna had been in and out of the hospital. "I was so ill with my belly before I went to Nashville and I was in and out of the hospital and no one knew what was wrong with me, so yes I was thin as I was unwell," she said. "I’m always going to have Celiac disease, it’s a serious thing and it’s life changing."
McKenna has always been outspoken about having celiac disease, talking about her digestive struggles on Celebrity Big Brother. Ham and cheese are some of the only snacks she feels comfortable eating, she said before the show, because accidentally ingesting wheat could send her to the hospital.
But as some commenters pointed out in the Instagram photos, the problem isn't whether or not McKenna eats enough but rather that no one should be criticizing someone else's body — whether they think they're too thin or too fat.
"You dont need to explain yourself @megan_mckenna_ its sad that you must feel you need to by leaving that comment," one person wrote. "Duck the haters, i believe all hate stems from jealousy. You look great."
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