Pornhub Wrote This Guy's Best Man Speech & It Was Perfect

Weddings are generally all about the bride and groom, sure, but let's be honest for a second and recognize the hard work that goes into being a best man or maid of honor. It's a stressful job that requires party planning and being a support system and, possibly the worst part of all, writing a speech.
So when a best man/maid of honor falls short on speech-writing skills it's totally okay to call in a little help — just like a guy named Thom did when he was tasked with writing a best man speech for his friend Danny. Thom thought and thought about what to write, asking himself, "what has Danny always loved?" Then it came to him: porn.
So Thom called up the people at Pornhub, one of Danny's favorite sites, and they were more than happy to provide him with a hilarious video to play at the wedding. As you can see below, it was pretty epic.
If you're hoping for a better view of the video (you know, without all the laughter drowning out the sound) Pornhub has kindly provided it in a tweet.
It's pretty clear that Thom was actually right — Danny is a big fan of Pornhub, and he's logged on to the site from all over the world.
Clearly, though, Thom took a risk here. The video could have gone over badly if anyone at the wedding found it more offensive than funny. But, luckily, both the bride and groom thought the video was hysterical and the wedding guests had a good laugh.
"Everyone at the wedding loved it," Thom tells Refinery29. "My friend's face as it was being introduced and played was priceless! They both saw it for what is was, very good-natured humor at his expense. You can see the reactions from the crowd in the video. Wonderful."
So, next time you're stuck writing a speech maybe take a leaf from Thom's book and think outside the box. We're not saying that every wedding speech should be about porn (though, would that be such a bad thing?) but they can be a funny, good-natured look at something your friend truly loves.
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