Watch: Parents Freak Out About Daughter's Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

There's no shortage of surprise pregnancy announcements recorded and posted to YouTube each year, but somehow they never get old. Maybe it's the second-hand excitement we experience from these videos or maybe it's really fun to watch someone else's parents or husband or other loved one scream at the prospect of a new baby. Either way, we're happy to provide you with the next minute of pure joy.
A woman identified only as H. Bronkema posted a video to the Love What Matters Facebook group of herself and her partner surprising her parents with the news of her pregnancy.
"I mentioned we went shopping before coming over so I have a wooden box that I 'bought' filled with 2 onesies and 1 coffee cup with grandma and grandpa on them," she wrote. "I had the box in a TJ Max bag and since they know I LOVE shopping at that store they had no clue it was something different. They have asked us for years when we were going to have kids and it wasn't until this year we planned on trying. Coming February 2018!"
It's impossible to miss how excited the grandma-to-be is, but grandpa is pretty cute, too. As one commenter pointed out, the men in these pregnancy announcements are often confused at first.
"Grandma throws one glance at the box and immediately understands, grandpa sits there and thinks, 'I'm not a grandpa?' That's exactly how my husband (and more male members of my family) has reacted when someone reveals a pregnancy," Jonna Perry wrote.
Even though it took him a second to catch on, the soon-to-be grandpa is clearly excited as well. And cue the waterworks.
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