Watch A 91-Year-Old Woman Slay On Gymnastics Beams

Johanna Quaas isn't your typical grandmother. Since April 12, 2012, when Quaas was 86 years 0ld, she has held the Guinness world record for being the oldest gymnast.
Quaas's amazing gymnastics routines, including the floor-and-beam routine that won her the title, continue to amaze people via videos on social media.
In fact, a video of her routine recently made its way to the Love What Matters Facebook page, where people are enamored with this impressive granny. The video, which Love What Matters shared from another page, currently has more than 140 billion views.
And it's not too hard to see why it's so viral. Just watch:
Although the subtitles on this video are in German (Quaas is from Germany), you don't need to be fluent in the language to see how incredibly strong she is — and not just for someone her age. Quaas is strong for someone of any age.
According to a Guinness World Records video about Quaas, gymnastics isn't a recent passion. She has been training since she was a little girl. She gave up the sport in early adulthood, though, because of other commitments such as work (she was a physical education teacher) and her family. We're not sure when she picked it back up, but we're sure glad that she did.
Just in case you were wondering, Quaas's secret to a healthy and fit life in her 90s is actually pretty simple: She eats a lot of greens.
We're not saying that spinach is going to get you into the Guinness Book Of World Records, but hey, a few extra helpings can't hurt.
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