A Windy Day Probably Isn't The Best Time To Spread Your Mom's Ashes

You know those scenes in sad movies when people go to spread their loved ones' ashes over the sea or in a park or somewhere else meaningful? How the handful of ash the sends streaming into the wind seems to always float effortlessly and beautiful away from their body? Well, what if the wind had other plans?
Listen, we know it's a morbid thought — but the idea that that wind could easily blow those ashes back in your face à la The Big Lebowski is something we often think about. And we now have video evidence that this does happen.
When her mother died and was cremated, Liz Hopson went with her daughter Lauren to spread some of her mom's ashes over a bridge in Newcastle, England, Mashable reports. Unfortunately, as Lauren says in the description of a video she posted to YouTube, "my Nanna had different plans."
Just as Hopson went to spread the ash, a big gust of wind blew it back in her face.
As could be expected, the people with Hopson at the time when she spread the ashes immediately cracked up. And even though Hopson was also smiling, she insisted that it "wasn't funny" because the ash that should have floated gracefully down to the river below instead ended up in the road (and her hair).
Lauren says in the video description that her mom wasn't too upset, and she does find the memory funny now. The bridge wasn't her only stop in spreading her mom's ashes either, but the other locations apparently went off without a hitch.
We'll just take this as a reminder to check the weather before going out to spread someone's ashes.
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