This Dedicated Granddaughter Snuck Her Grandma's Dog Into A Hospital

Shelby Hennick's grandmother spent three days in the hospital recently after having a reaction to one of her medications, BuzzFeed reports.
So, to help her feel better, Hennick was willing to do the absolute most — including finding a way to sneak her dog into the hospital.
Hennick was passing near her grandmother's house on the way to the hospital when she got a call from her mom. She said that Hennick's grandmother was missing her dog, Patsy, and thought it would be nice to bring her to the hospital.
Since pets are against hospital rules, unless they're service animals, Hennick had to get creative. She wrapped Patsy up in a blanket and put her over her shoulder as if she was carrying a baby.
Then she took a few photos documenting her master plan and posted them to Twitter. The tweet has since gone viral, and has more than 98,000 retweets at the time of writing.
By the looks of it, her grandma was pretty happy with the surprise. And Hennick told BuzzFeed that she had no problems fooling the hospital staff.
"Patsy was quiet the whole time and actually kept licking my arm," she told BuzzFeed.
Even her grandmother thought that she had brought her sister's baby in at first. "I was really happy we were able to pull it off, and I'm sure it made her day," Hennick told BuzzFeed.
She isn't the first person to sneak an animal into the hospital, either. When her photos started to make their way around the Twitterverse, others responded with pictures of times when they did the same thing — though some of them wouldn't have been able to pretend their dogs were actually babies.
We're not sure if any of these other people went to the same lengths to get their dogs into the hospital, but kudos to them for making it through.
For anyone considering this for the next time a loved one is in the hospital — remember that sometimes even hospital staff can be persuaded to help smuggle in someone's furry friend.
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