This Is The First Same-Sex Couple To Be Crowned Prom King & Queen In Florida

Tallahassee high school students Brie Grimes and Lindsey Creel have made history after being the first same-sex couple in Florida to be crowned prom king and queen. According to the Daily Mail, Grimes, 17, was named prom queen, while Creel, 18, was named prom king.
While they had an amazing time at prom, Grimes said, they didn't expect to actually win prom king and queen.
"Prom night was so much fun — we literally danced the night away," she told Daily Mail. "We didn't expect to win considering the people we were up against."
The couple, who celebrated their three-year anniversary in February, were crowned last month, and met through friends during their first year at Leon High School.
"We began to get really close and in such a short period of time she became my best friend and my number one person to go to," Grimes told the Daily Mail about her girlfriend.
"I knew I had feelings for her but everything was so hard because I didn't know how everyone would react and I was scared of how I would be treated and how my family would react," she said. "Lindsey and I talked about it and from that conversation I knew I was at home when I was with her and that I couldn't let her go."
Creel told the Tallahassee Democrat that becoming prom king and queen was about more than a crown or a title.
"I hope that people will look at this and more will begin to think that it’s okay to be supportive of the LBTQ community," she said. "Leon often talks about change… This is a good example for younger students there."
Grimes echoed Creel's praise of the school, telling Tallahassee Democrat that she hopes their win will pave the way for other LGBTQ students.
"It feels good to know some of the things we’ve been a part of can help others going through tough experiences, in a positive way," she said. "I needed someone in my life to show me that it would work out — when I was first going through this years ago. But I didn’t have that."
Thanks to Grimes and Creel, however, younger queer students at Leon High School just might have that.
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