A Teen's Dad Pulled The Most Extra Stunt To Punish Him

We get it: sitting in a class that you find boring is hard. But when one teen tried to distract himself from his boring physics class by incessantly talking to his friends, his dad hit back with a punishment most parents just use as a threat.
Brad Howard "likes to be the life of the party," his dad (also named Brad Howard) told BuzzFeed. So much so that his parents got quite a few emails and calls home from Howard Jr's physics teacher about how disruptive he is in class.
After one too many calls, Howard Sr. told Howard Jr. that he would come sit in his class if he got one more complaint from his son's physics teacher.
And, well, he got the call.
Unlike many parents who make this threat, though, Howard Sr. actually carried it through (after a little goading from his wife, at least). He showed up in Howard Jr.'s class and sat behind him while the teacher lectured. He even took a selfie of what we can only imagine is his ~serious face~ as his son worked at his desk — and then Howard Jr's mom sent that selfie in a group text to the entire family (8 people!).
Howard Jr's sister took it upon herself to extend her brother's humiliation by posting the photo to Twitter.
Many people could at least relate to the threat of this happening, and some even had a parent who went to the same lengths to make sure they were paying attention in class. But for the most part, Twitter feels that Howard Sr. was doing some A+ parenting.
"I didn't even notice him until after I had said hi to all of my friends, but I was super shocked," Howard Jr. told BuzzFeed.
His friends, on the other hand, loved it. “I think they had a good time. Especially knowing that Bradley was put in an uncomfortable situation," Howard Sr. told BuzzFeed.
But don't worry — while he may have been a little embarrassed, Howard Jr. wasn't completely traumatized by his dad showing up in class. And, hey, at least he knows his parents are willing to go beyond to make sure he's doing well in school.

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