This Woman Was Sexually Harassed On A Bus, But What Happened After Is Worse

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
In a series of viral tweets, Natalie Gordon shared a story on Twitter about being sexually harassed by a man while riding the bus. Her tweets describe an experience that, for many women, is an one to which they can instantly relate. The story begins with Gordon saying, “Let me tell you a story about why men will never understand what it's like to be female.”
That kicked off a Tweetstorm about an experience she'd just had on a bus that many women can relate to — because it's happened to a lot of us.
For every story shared by a woman about having to pacify the unwanted, inappropriate advances of a man, there are countless more that have not been told. Sometimes they go untold out of shame, other times they are not told because they are so ingrained in our culture that the behavior ceases to shock people. Worse still, there are other times they are not heard even when they are told. It is something that should never happen, but it does everyday.
According to Gordon, many people responded by sending her private messages of their own experiences with sexual harassment. Gordon’s tweets resonated with so many women. She told Metro News, “Support from people on the internet is phenomenal – the outcry of love and worry from almost as many men as women.”
Gordon accentuated one of the most positive things to come out of her experience and subsequent story were reactions from men. “Just having men realising that this happens all the time and that we’re not lying or exaggerating is a huge step in the right direction, she told MetroNews. “We need more men highlighting women’s issues because we can only change things together.”
Gordon shared on Twitter that she filed a report with the British Transit Police that was being taken seriously. She enouraged other women who have experienced anything similar to report it and, should they see her on public transport in London and feel vulnerable to simply ask her to stand with them.
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