This Adorable Little Girl Showed Off Her New Prosthetic Leg & We're Crying

Photo: Alamy.
If your heart has grown into an icy shard because of the current state of affairs, allow this little girl to warm it right back up.
Mashable reports that 7-year-old Anu, a resident of Birmingham, England, recently debuted her brand-new prosthetic leg to heaps of support and hugs from her classmates.
Anu had to have her leg amputated shortly after birth and has been using prosthetics her entire life. However, before she stepped out onto the playground with her new blade-style leg, she was using standard prosthetics, which look more like a human leg. Her new blade prosthetic — which, by the way, is pink, her favorite color — allows her to jump around, run, skip, and spring on the playground alongside her classmates. And while there are plenty of stories out there about bullying, this isn't one of them. Mashable adds that when Anu stepped out with her blade, she got a slew of hugs.
"Is that your new pink leg?" one of her fellow students asked. Others just admired the feat of engineering, which Anu quickly put to use. A video taken by BBC Midlands Today shows Anu running around the schoolyard hand in hand with her pals.
If that wasn't enough to get your heart swelling, the network also shared a second video of Anu when she first got the new leg. In that clip, she talks about how excited she is to be able to run around with her dad. "It makes me run faster and do my street dancing faster," she says before showing off those sweet moves.
Of course, Anu's story has basically turned Twitter into a river of tears. If you can't compose yourself after seeing the sweet kid kick around a soccer ball and smile from ear-to-ear, you're not alone. Social media erupted with support for Anu and a new hope for humankind.

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