A Guy Farted While Weightlifting & His Friends Had The Best Reaction

Farts happen. And, sometimes, they happen at the absolute worst moments. When you're sitting in a completely silent class, when you're finding your zen during yoga, and — at least for one guy — when you're surrounded by your friends, with all of their focus on you.
Twitter user @mheaden31 posted a video of a man (we're not sure if it's him or a friend) betting his friends that he could do a bench press of what we're guessing is an impressive weight. If he was able to do it, he'd win $20.
We never get to know if he could do the bench press, though, because as soon as the bar hits his chest he lets out an impressive, and very loud, fart.
His friends immediately start cracking up, of course, with the guy behind the camera actually screaming in joy. Luckily for the guy pinned underneath the weight, his friends weren't so blown over by his fart that they couldn't help lift the weight off of his chest before literally ROTFL.
While this response is typical and expected of boys, we're happy to see that he took what could have been a very embarrassing moment so well. Because, honestly, there's nothing embarrassing about farts and we're staunch supporters of the #FreeTheFart movement.
Although his gas unfortunately lost him the bet that day, the weightlifter got another chance at his $20. He and his friends took to the gym again two days later, and posted another video, to finish what they started. Turns out, he really can't do that bench press.

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