People Are Losing It Over This Photo Of A Girl And Her Family At A Soccer Game

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All families look different — that's pretty obvious. Yet, although we see all kinds of families on television now, it seems like some people still take their idea of what a "real" family looks like from the 1950s sitcoms. To them, a family has one mom and one dad who love each other until the end of time.
So, when Emilee Plaayer posted a photo of her family at a soccer game, some people just couldn't handle it.
Plaayer is the stepmother of the little girl in the photo, who is pictured in the middle with Plaayer and her husband (the girl's father) on the left and her mother and stepfather on the right.
"Because of us, I will never believe co-parenting can't work! I KNOW through experience it CAN WORK! Choose to do what's best for your child and everything will just fall into place," Plaayer wrote when she posted the photo to both Instagram and Facebook.
Some people attacked her message, saying that having a child spend time with both sets of parents is confusing and damaging, and that if the parents really wanted to spend time together, they should have stayed together.
But, thankfully, the positive responses and support for Plaayer's family seems to outweigh the bad. Her photo has been shared on Facebook more than 77,000 times and made its way over to Twitter as well, where people who know nothing about the family except that they were all at a soccer game together have taken others to task for ignorant or hurtful comments.
"How ALL divorced parents should be..." one person wrote on a tweet of the photo.
"That's what my life looked like. Two Dad's, two moms, 4 grandmas and a big ass support system," another wrote.
And that sentiment isn't uncommon. Others also commented on Plaayer's photo, talking about their own childhoods with divorced parents who still worked together to raise their child.
"For all of you negative Nancies, I grew up with 4 parents who all loved me unconditionally," wrote one of the commenters. "My parents not being together was the best possible thing they could've done for me. When they finally decided to split they sat us down as our parents and explained that sometimes, things don't work out. Then, instead of being 'petty' as you are all claiming it is, they constantly worked together to support us and make us happy. I have an amazing support system of four people's families that treat me like their own and four parents whom I can go to with anything. Do not belittle what these parents are doing for their child. Do not."
No matter how the negative versus positive comments weigh, we're happy to see that this little girl has so many people in her corner, and that her parents and their new spouses are friendly enough to show up to her soccer game wearing custom-made shirts.

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