Watch This Deaf Grandma Teach Sign Language To The World's Cutest Baby

Shari Joy McMahon has what might be one of the world's most adorable babies (in our opinion.) Her little girl, Aria, has the best smile, which is on full display in a video recently posted to the Love What Matters Facebook page.
The video was taken when Aria was nine weeks old, and spending time with her grandmother, Pamela. Pamela and Aria are both deaf. The video McMahon captured shows Pamela talking to Aria in sign language. While we don't know whether or not Aria truly understands what her grandma is saying, it's clear that she is loving their conversation.
Aria's face is so expressive talking to her grandma, and a few of the commenters on McMahon's original video post pointed out how the baby moved her hand as if she wanted to attempt signing as well.
It's not uncommon for babies to learn to sign, although nine weeks may still be a little early. Some parents teach their hearing children a set of signs called Baby Sign Language to help bridge the communication gap before they can talk. But Baby Sign Language is not the same thing as American Sign Language.
ASL is a legitimate language, where Baby Sign Language is not, according to the blogger at Hear My Hands. And although it may be more difficult for babies to learn ASL, it's important that parents (and grandparents) continue to model the correct form of each sign — especially for deaf children like Aria.
"If your little one signs it incorrectly, don't necessarily always correct them, but you keep signing it correctly," according to Hear My Hands. "Modeling is key! They think they are signing it right - I promise! As they continue to develop, so will their signs!"
So it's very possible that Aria may have been trying to sign with her grandma. Her little hands certainly seem to be, and we expect Aria and her grandma to have many, many more adorable conversations.

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