A Little Girl Who Gave Easter Candy To A Stranger Is The Kindness We Need In The World

Every once in a while people are kind for no reason at all — and those can be the best moments. Louise Sharp experienced one of these random acts of kindness when she was at the mall with her daughter recently, and posted the exchange on Facebook.
"I heard someone shout 'Excuse me', I turned around expecting someone to tell me I'd dropped something, or ask who my energy supplier is - the norm in Whitley Bay," she wrote.
Instead, she saw a little girl who was carrying daffodils, a chocolate Easter bunny, and a piece of paper. The girl handed Sharp all three things saying, "These are for you."
"Compleatly thrown I asked 'Oh my goodness, why'? and she replied 'because you're special, and people need to be told they're special. And we all need to be kind to each other. So these are off me and my Grandad.'"
Sharp had never met this young girl before, and was "completely gobsmacked" that she chose to hand over the Easter candy and flowers.
"I thanked her and told her she's extremely kind and that makes her special too," Sharp wrote.
After reading the note more carefully, she found that the little girl's name is Cassidy. Though she didn't expect Cassidy would ever see her Facebook post, Sharp thanked the little girl and her grandfather on the post.
"You have just compleatly [sic] made my day, if not my year you inspirational girl and I'll keep the note forever and look at it everytime I feel I'm having a difficult day," she wrote.
But thanks to the internet, it's very likely that Cassidy saw her post. As of writing, it has been shared more than 450 times, and a friend of the family sent Sharp a private message after recognizing Cassidy's handwriting.
It sounds like Sharp wasn't the only one to get a note, either. A few people in the comments mentioned that they had either gotten candy and a note themselves or had seen Cassidy and her grandad handing out chocolate and notes at the mall.
We're not sure whose idea the random act of kindness day was, but are sure that either way Cassidy and her granddad gave Sharp a happy moment she'll never forget.

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