Beyoncé Is In Talks For This Iconic Disney Role

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It's about time that the queen met the king. Variety reports that Beyoncé is in talks to star in Disney's live-action remake of The Lion King. The trade publication adds that while the queen of queens and diva of divas is pregnant (What, you didn't know?), the fact that it's a voice role means that it shouldn't be an issue. No Coachella replacements here.
But what role will Beyoncé be playing? All clues point to Nala. If you need a refresher on your Shakespeare-via-African savannah animals tale, she's the female lion cub that's betrothed to Simba at the beginning of the film. This is all before that heartbreaking wildebeest stampede, the ensuing Timon and Pumbaa "Hakuna Matata" bromance (Not Disney's official first gay moment, but those two were definitely life partners, right?), and Simba's triumphant return to Pride Rock. And as for the singing? There's no word on whether or not the remake will have any of the OG Lion King's musical numbers, but Nala does have a verse in "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," the Elton John-penned ballad you now have stuck in your head.
Variety adds that Bey is director Jon Favreau's top choice, but nothing's set in stone just yet. Sources add that the director and Disney are both willing to work around Beyoncé's schedule, since having a huge name like hers on the film basically guarantees that it'll achieve every milestone known to mankind. Not that Disney remakes need any help: Beauty & The Beast had a $170 million opening weekend, which decimated the previous record for a March opening, which was held by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Past live-action releases, such as Alice in Wonderland (2010) and Cinderella (2015) earned $1 billion and $545 million during their respective runs, and The Jungle Book (2016), also directed by Favreau, earned over $966 million.
Beyoncé may still be making up her mind about Nala, but other cast members are already signed on for The Lion King. Donald Glover is set to play Simba, voiced by '90s teen heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas (young Simba) and Mathew Broderick (adult Simba) in the 1994 original. And because it would be ludicrous not to, James Earl Jones is returning for his role as Mufasa.
Beyoncé's last film role was in Fox's 2013 animated feature, Epic.

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